PAPA= Priceless,aim,Pacific,abode

For me what my dad is ...............I don,t have appropriate word to describe him.Now he left me and this world but still everyday i can feel his presence. Something like....

Like air COMING i can feel it but can,t see
Like rain dropping on me but can,t catch!!

Like a shouting sound without voice
a discipline with instruction!!

Morning hope for better life
like hope without reason !!

can,t listen your voice
but can imagine you around me!!

never hugged you when you were alive
but talking to you everyday in my dream !!

I am all alone till the time i am awake
you are with me when i am in deep sleep!!

like you are here, you will be with here
i cant let you go unless until i am alive !!


Best one

अब तो जागो