we know everyone fall in love in there life.but i have a great experience of love.i seen as lover who loved her sweetheart too much even he unble to sleep without listen her voice n song.weekly meetng is fix.they can live without water but can,t live without meet.
but few day ago i heard that boy become angary with that girl.coz she was unble to talk him.there was many people in her home.she said him sorry unless they are i cant give you much time.the boy became angary and he mailed girl naked pic to her friend.they all seen that photo.

again boy say sorry and girl forgive him.girl knew she can,t live without him too.but she was fear with him she don,t want to meet him weelky.that man again became angary and he aboused her like.....sali kamini aagayi aauokat pr..
sorry reader i can,t write her name.i hope u can understant respet of women.


Sneha said…
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