One mistake and uncountable SORRY

nobody want to forgive you sometimes, doesn,t matter how deeply you apologizing the people and how important they are.  you will not understand that what is exactly going on. when you just want to be happy and try to make others happy. really i don,t know what is love...i never tasted it..and never felt it but at this time something is going on that is unconvincing.i don,t have enough power to speak this and share to him. i am in fare if he says no then what i will do? now i am  feeling like everything about to finish and may be it has been. still heart is beating and my frugality , confusion is able to care.i have crush on him its happening first time with me. that was A gala day of my when i slept properly coz he said take care that word was enough for me that word was not less then I LOVE YOU so i slept very soon. I was relax...after a lovely chit chat  i couldn,t know what happen with him in that four hours i knew only one thing that i am finish. when i got up i was in tear. i don,t want to balm others, now i am blaming my self only that i shouldn,t have given him this much time. why he met me, why we talked over call. why i am emotional for him. i was angry too coz  he talked me in very positivist way means again i was feeling he is the right person for me. same day  even i wanted to change my relationship status on fb but network was dead so i couldn,t do so. but A good name is sooner lost than won so same happen with me and now i am suffering i didn, t leave a chance to make the thing one mistake and uncountable Sorry is nothing.  i am in muddle i don,t know how to convince the people for my blender but still something missing...some fare...some n lots of care what i want to share. i believe that nobody can change my luck but i must try for everything...i did the same..... 


Best one

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