just belive on you

every movment teach us alot,
how we can forget our difficult time,

people go high and high beacause of their own struggle,
 i seen to people taking thier last breath on the way truble,i think i was also one of them.

i belived to do work and work unless until you not get your aim,

i was cross these time when i had nothing to do,in my field that is journalism.
i went here and there for work but could,t find my aim,
because i had no jack to who can push,
but i beared up.
people always think there should be some one who can do work for me,
whatever i learnt its totaly worng for me,
we have to make our way without any help,
if we taken anybodys help one time so we will hope for it again and again,
so just belive on you and rock the world,
Deepa srivastava


Sorcerer said…
find the strenght in innerself
let that be the guiding light and the push to achieve greater heights

Best one

अब तो जागो