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NOW you will get prong bamboo and a very light bark banana variety. These are result of Tissue culture, by this culture a little part of tree like leave, torpor is becoming in to 100 part of tree.Lot more you can take from this interview. Scientist of Bio-Tech Park, Dr. Pragya Gupta has unveiled some of the facts with his coordinator What is tissue culture?When plant cell or a plant or whole plant is provided a control environment in the presence of control nutrients, than its growing is termed as tissue culture.How it is done?A part of plant is kept in a flask with the presence of solvent or media which is basically Acetone, Agar-agar powder. Then its production is termed as tissue culture. A favorable climate and nutrients are avail in the process. With this technique, disease-free plants are generated. No-side effect is their in the process of tissue culture. Proper preventive measures have been taken by operator before entering in the lab.Can these plants be transplanted direct from the lab in the field?No, first it is kept in “poli house”. They use fungicide to make healthy plants.What is Green house and why we keep plants their?Green House is a green net house where plant gets sunlight. Here special manure like ‘bavstin’ and ‘newban’ which save plant from insects. After a span of one month time, sapling is ready to enter in the market. Price of these plants are very less as compared to other species. For example-price of G-9 species of banana is Rs.15 per plant.What are the advantages of tissue-culture for common man or farmers?There are following advantages as follows-1-It take less time as compared to normal species.2-More profit can be avail with this type of culture.3-The main headache of farmer is the expenses of pesticides. Tissue culture plant is virus-free, fungal free and bacteria-free. It will reduce this problem of our farmers.4-Need less water as compared to normal plants.5-Fair charges are very less. As all the crops are prepare in the same time.6-Crops developed by tissue culture are more delicious than normal ones.
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